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Cassidy Fanfiction

Wow this comm is dead. I am probably not capable of reviving it like, a year and a half on, but hey, I'm bored.

Anyway; I offer you all my Cassidy fanfiction! :D They all have spoilers up to "Not Pictured", so if you haven't seen that yet... well, liking Cassidy and avoiding the spoilers sounds damn near impossible anyway.

Title: Silver Platter
Other Characters: Veronica, minor appearances from Dick and Sean.
Word Count: 1,892
Summary: It's a party - can't he just not think for 5 seconds? A little character study on what happened at Shelley Pomroy's.
Rating/Warnings: R, I guess, for dark themes, not-very-explicit non-con, and implications of child abuse.

Title: Thoughts Catching 
Other Characters: Gia. Appearances by: Dick, Veronica, Logan, Mac, Mrs. Goodman.
Word Count: 5, 521
Rating/Warnings: R - for swearing, sexuality, child abuse, character death and suicidal themes, general darkness. And Gia is likely woefully out of character.
Summary: She doesn't want to remember him. She doesn't want to remember buses, planes, bombs, hotel roofs, baseball, little league, and how she giggled and missed the click of send.
(okay this one is more a Gia-fic. Shut up)

Title: Oxygen
Other Characters: Gia (Gia/Dick)
Word Count: 379
Summary: He crawls into the shower fully clothed, desperate to feel dry. He comforts himself with however Dick is going to break Gia's heart.
Rating/Warnings: R - sexuality, allusions to child abuse, dark themes.

Title: The Ingenue
Other Characters: Mac, Logan, Hannah (Mac/Cassidy, Logan/Hannah)
Word Count: 1440
Summary: He doesn't understand why she would let him near her.
Rating/Warnings: PG - Some adult content, mild swearing.

Title: Omega
Other Characters: Dick, Dick Snr., Gia, Kendall, Logan, Mac, Madison, Peter, Veronica, Woody.
Word Count: 3000
Summary: The boy is broken. 10 different perspectives on Cassidy Casablancas.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 - Swearing, references to rape and child abuse.

Title: Psyche
Other Characters: Duncan/Cassidy. References to: Veronica, Logan, Shelley Pomroy, and Duncan/Veronica.
Word Count: 960
Summary: Heaven, Hell, Earth, you've made your choice already. Although you're still not sure how that translated to the fact you're lying on the exact same bed with Beaver freaking Casablancas crawling all over you.
Rating/Warnings: R (borderline NC-17) - Somewhat-explicit sexuality, slash, swearing, allusions to child abuse and rape, serious disturbingness.
(and this one's more a Duncan-fic. W/e.)

Title: Ashes, Money, Ice
Fandoms: Crossover - Veronica Mars/Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Other Characters: Faith Lehane (Cassidy/Faith)
Word Count: 1000 (written as 10 drabbles)
Summary: He says it with such fierceness she doesn't think of disobeying for a moment. That surprises her, because there have only ever been two men she's never disobeyed.
Ratings/Warnings: R - Sexuality, swearing, references to child molestation, adult themes.

Yes, I'm low on things to do in reality. *pout*
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