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{Cassidy} is. love.

We loves us some Cassidy Casablancas.
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{ w e l c o m e }

welcome to the support community for the one and only, the adorable, cassidy casablancas of veronica mars! this community was created in hopes of sharing and spreading the love for cassidy/kyle, and to hopefully have some fun doing it. so come in, get settled, and let the loving begin!

{ r u l e s }

[1] play nice. please. [2] no promoting totally unrelated comms. [3] you may post icons/links to icons, but please, don't link us to your icons if there's absolutely no cassidy in them. there are other places to post regular vm icons. [4] post all large graphics/pics/spoilers behind a cut. it's just courtesy. [5] by all means, feel free to introduce yourself, but please don't make a seperate post solely for that purpose - make sure to throw comething cassidy related in there. [6] what you can post: icons, graphics, fic, news, spoilers, picspams, etc.

not too hard, right? ;)

{ o t h e r }

feel free to pimp us around (but only in appropriate places, please) if you get the chance, and share a little love. if you have any questions/comments about the comm, please post them in the faq post. thank you, and have fun!