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Fic: Wayward Son (Cassidy, Logan) R

Title: Wayward Son
Author: Tempestquill/Cassie
Characters: Cassidy, Logan
Word Count: 1,849
Rating: R
Warning: Language, Adult Theme/Content, Sexual Situations
Summary: Beaver snorts and suddenly his eyes change. They aren’t wide and innocent, or openly disapproving like they usually are regarding Dick. They are dark, calculating, and Logan finds that he’s kind of nervous.
Spoilers: Up to and including "Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang".
Notes: This story was written for the vmlyricfic challenge "Dizzy Veronica".

My beta has said I've officially gone off the deep end for this. Lissa mentioned my vacationing in Hell for the long haul and then cussed me out because I was dragging her along for the ride. Oh well, at least we'll see Cassidy there. And if we're lucky he'll be the tour guide.

P.S. I was going to make this shippy, but instead I left it with an open ending, and I'm very into sequels lately... So *shrugs* who knows...

“Wayward Son”
By C.K. Blake

Logan lets out a shuddering breath, his hands running frantically through his hair because he’s just seen the news. Big Dick Casablancas has fled the country to escape the IRS; apparently he’s been very naughty in his investments. It could be worse, Big Dick always could have paid him a visit with one of his trusty guns before fleeing the country. After all Logan has been banging his pretty trophy wife. Hell he’ll still bang her if the milk’s free.

There’s a knock on his door. He lowers the volume and a smile crosses his face. Maybe it’s Kendall seeking some comfort since, knowing Big Dick, she’s probably been left behind. He could go for a nice roll in the sack, hell, he’s a normal hot-blooded teenage boy, when isn’t he up for a hot piece of ass?

He pulls open the door and his eyes widen as he finds himself staring into big blue eyes that hold a score of emotions that he just can’t read, and if there is anything Logan knows how to do, it’s how to read people, he’s been doing it all of his life. It’s a finely tuned survival skill for him.

“Beav? Man, what are you doing here? Is Dick coming up too?” Logan asks, a little perplexed, because really he’s never minded Beav’s company, it’s just he’s always so quiet and Dick’s always been the one in the spotlight.

Beaver snorts and suddenly his eyes change. They aren’t wide and innocent, or openly disapproving like they usually are regarding Dick. They are dark, calculating, and Logan finds that he’s kind of nervous.

“So, how long were you fucking her behind my father’s back?” Beav asks, the accusations dripping venom in his tone.

Logan nearly chokes. “How… How would you know about that?” he asks, his voice a little shaky, because he doesn’t recognize this kid at his door. He looks like Beav, sounds like him, even smells like him, but it’s not him. There is no nervous twitching. No constant movements, fidgeting. This kid’s every movement has purpose.

“Your cute little ex-girlfriend knows her way around a junior spy kit. What can I say? She was very thorough. I’m kind of disappointed she didn’t bring out the binoculars, but you can’t have everything. The camera served its purpose, so that’s good enough,” he replies with a shrug as he steps past Logan and into the suite.

Anger flickers in Logan’s eyes as he slams the door shut and then shoves Beaver against it, pressing his back against it and holding him firmly. “You had Veronica investigating me? What the fuck, Beaver?”

He snorts and smirks. “My name is Cassidy, and she wasn’t investigating you. She was investigating Kendall and my Dad. You were just the dirty little secret Momsie was keeping. Now I’m here to talk terms because I’m pretty sure you don’t want my brother knowing you’re banging our step mom. He might blame you for our Dad’s recent departure. And Dick’s got himself a little temper.”

“Like I give a fuck,” Logan replies.

Cassidy shrugs. “I just thought you’d like to hang on to the one friend you have left.”

Logan takes in a deep breath as he lets his head fall back, and then his hands are in his hair again and he lifts his head and tilts it so that he’s looking down at Beav…Cassidy again.

“Fine, what the fuck is this, Cassidy?” and he lets that name carry a bit of bite.

Cassidy chuckles. “Me blackmailing you into fucking me, Logan. It’s only fair. I mean I know about you and Momsie, and why go for her? She’s been around a few times. Look at me. All sweet and young and horny, and tight. What more could you want?”

Logan stares down in shock at the younger boy, his eyes wide. “You can’t be freaking serious. Where is the camera, cause this is like some joke right? Did Veronica put you up to this, kiddo?”

Cassidy snorts, and his eyes darken as he runs his tongue across his lips. “I’ve seen the pictures. I want to know if your cock is really that big, and then I want it in my mouth. Come on, man, it’s not like you won’t enjoy it.”

Logan gives his head a shake, because he can’t believe what he’s just heard. This can’t be his friend’s kid brother propositioning him. This just isn’t right. And since when has the Beav been such a little control freak? Scratch that last part; freak is enough to describe him at this point.

“Okay, you know what Beav? Just stop man. I mean where in the fuck is this coming from? This isn’t you. You’re my friend’s kid brother. I mean seriously, are you out of your mind or like what?” Logan asks and he’s both curious and worried.

Cassidy shakes his head and his mouth twists into the cruel imitation of a smile. “God, why is it always about Dick? I mean I get that he’s the one doing all the stupid shit and he’s the one in the spotlight, but I’m the smart one. I’m the one who’s going to outshine him someday. Why is it that the one that acts like a freaking retard is the cool one?”

Logan’s eyes widen, and he takes in a couple of deep breaths, and his hands go from his hair to rubbing together to being clasped behind his head, because he really can’t keep them still and he doesn’t know what to do about this situation, because it needs to be defused. It needs to be defused as soon as possible, pronto.

“This isn’t about Dick!” Logan snaps. “This is about you coming out of nowhere trying to blackmail me into fucking you. Since when have you even been gay?”

A strange, low chuckle escapes Cassidy’s lips, and he lifts an eyebrow as he turns and smirks at Logan. “Gay? You think this is about my sexuality? Please. I’ve just reached that experimental stage before my college years, so I’m a little ahead in the game. I’m a growing boy, and I like exploring my options. Right now you’re an option Echolls. Come on. You can’t tell me you’ve never been a little curious. Sure I’m not Dick, but I can do things that some drunk, videogame addicted ass wipe wouldn’t even think of. That’s if he can even think. I’m still not sure of his mental capabilities and various limitations.”

“Cut the bullshit man. You’re freaking me out. What is this really about? Are you just here on some quest to seriously mind fuck me for scoring with your step mom or are you trying to stick it to me because Daddy fled the country?”

“Like he was much of a father, but it’s not like your Daddy Dearest will be winning any parent of the year awards. Now are we gonna do this or do I tell Dick that his secret crush is into Momsie?”

Logan is pacing as Cassidy leisurely falls onto the sofa in the suite. The smaller boy wiggles around a little and puts his hands behind his head once he’s comfortable, and his eyes haven’t left Logan for a moment.

His right foot is moving idly back and forth and that is when Logan stops. He heads towards the sofa, gathers Cassidy’s shirt into his hands and jerks the boy up. Cassidy snorts and laughs at him and Logan really wants to hit him at this point, but he doesn’t because somewhere in there is the Beav.

“Someone seems to like it rough. It’s kind of a nice change of pace. I’ve never liked being pliant, quiet, accepting. Show me what you’ve got, how you like it.”

Cassidy’s words are hot against his ears, his heart starts pumping double time, heat is pooling in his belly, and he’s wondering where this cynical and beautiful creature came from and what happened to his friend’s younger brother. This isn’t right. Everything in his gut is telling him this, and then it happens.

He hears the door of the suite open and he shoves Cassidy back down on the sofa, and crosses the room, his hands running through his hair, his breathing heavy, and he’s quick about schooling his facial expression. He lets out a sigh when he realizes that it’s Duncan.

Duncan looks from him to the sofa, shrugs, gives Logan a funny look and heads off to his room to do that meditative thinking thing he’s been doing a lot of lately. It’s almost as if Logan doesn’t know his best friend anymore. Funny how life works. One girlfriend is murdered by his father, and his second girlfriend leaves him for his best friend who is first girlfriend’s fucked up younger brother. Then add weird, horny younger brother of another friend to the picture and you have all kinds of therapy to look forward to.

He looks back at Cassidy, who is looking more like the Beav he knows, all big sad eyes and tortured soul, but within a moment that smirk is lighting across those full lips and Logan swallows thickly. Cassidy gets up from the sofa, crosses the room, gathers Logan’s shirt into his hands and within a moment he’s jerked Logan down to his level and his lips are moving against Logan’s.

Logan doesn’t respond at first because this is all kinds of fucked up and wrong, even for him, but then it gets kind of hot and Cassidy’s hands are slipping under his shirt and his tongue is slipping into his mouth and Logan can’t resist and since when did dorky little can’t get a chick if his life depended on it Beav know how to kiss like this?

Still when he’s let up for air Logan pushes back against the smaller boy, and Beav gives a little nod, that smirk now holding meaning as he runs his right knuckles down Logan’s left cheek.

“Sooner or later I get what I want. I’m a no holds kind of guy. I’ll do anything to protect what’s mine or to get what I want. You’ve been warned Echolls. I’ll get you long before Dick ever does.”

Logan snorts as he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. “And what makes you think Dick wants me?”

“Like male bonding is all you do. I’ve watched him in his sleep and every single wet dream he’s had in the last few months he’s called out your name. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out why Madison dumped him. Be seeing you around Logan. Oh by the way, Dick scored the latest cheat codes for Halo 2. Catch ya later,” Cassidy says as he heads toward the door, gives a little wink and closes it behind him.

Logan falls back into one of the chairs next to the sofa, lets out a shaky breath and turns up the volume on the television. He sighs and wonders what he’s gotten himself into this time.


Object: binoculars
Lyric: cynical and beautiful- "Dizzy" Goo Goo Dolls

Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to review!
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